About this site, me, Qynn, and life, the universe and everything…

The site

This site is a place for my random Penmonkey droppings scribblings. You’ll find bits of science fiction, fantasy (of various flavors including traditional, modern/urban, etc.), crime fiction, and some occasional darker stuff. You decide whether they qualify as dark fantasy or horror…

Much of the site’s content is driven by Flash Fiction Challenges from Chuck Wendig’s TroubledMinds writer’s blog site.


I’m a gamer, reader, and scribbler of fictiony-type words. I’ve been doing all of these for decades, but haven’t been sharing the latter.

Until now. Oh boy… what have I done?



Qynn (pronounced the same way as Quinn:“kwin”) started as a rogue in a traditional table-top gaming session. I enjoyed the sly, charming, wise-cracking, mystery-solving thief so  much that he carried over into the video game worlds, particularly RPGs.

So now he’s filling a new role as pseudonym. I’m not sure he’s particularly happy about it. He’d prefer I write stories about him, instead of as him.

Tough luck, buddy. For now, at least.

Life, the Universe and Everything…